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slips trips and falls with no concrete lifting
Mud Jacking is an extremely cost effective solution to correct your concrete issues without disrupting your commercial building, production or services. 

Keep the bottom line in place, save money & reduce down time

lifting concrete driveway HMI

If you have vibrating equipment pads, un-even floors, trip hazards in high traffic areas or any other sunken commercial concrete, Scritchlow Concrete Lifting and Slab Jacking can work in these areas quickly and with very little mess. We have the right equipment necessary, whether your project is large, such as a building floor or parking lot,  or as small as a single piece of sidewalk or equipment pad.  Scritchlow Concrete Lifting and Slab Jacking can correct your problems, both inside and out.


We realize the importance of keeping your staff and visitors safe. There are always hazards around buildings, machinery and public areas. We directly address the issues, and can eliminate the safety concerns and minimize accidents.  A benefit of mud jacking is we can keep the construction noise and mess to a minimum.


Your area will be ready for:

- foot traffic in as little as 1 hour

-  vehicle traffic in 4-6 hours

- normal use the very same day



Let Scritchlow Concrete Lifting and Slab Jacking raise and support your concrete to remove your trip hazards. We can fill voids, raise and support factory floors, parking lots and equipment pads as well as any other commercial concrete.  If it's concrete, we can lift it, and save you money today!


active pumping / lifting
concrete lifting step
void filling below concrete
Mud Jacking is effective on all concrete:
  • Sidewalks
  • Ramps
  • Steps
  • Interior Floors
  • Basement Floors
  • Equipment Pads
  • Parking Lots
  • Loading Docks
  • Generator Pads
  • Any concrete

Need something else? Just ask us.

With budgets being stretched thinner than ever, let Scritchlow Concrete Lifting and Slab Jacking extend the life of your concrete, and maximize each dollar you spend. It’s always cheaper to lift than replace.

after slab jacking
Trip Hazzard Before Slab Jacking


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