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Drainage and Water Issues

water drainage in back yard
Water in your yard?

The soil conditions can vary greatly in our area. Some soils do not allow surface water to perk into the earth, resulting in excess water at the surface of the ground. Consequently, many yards and parking areas are soggy or have standing water during periods of heavy rain.

Scritchlow Concrete Lifting and Slab Jacking can drain these areas by installing catch basins, strip drains in driveways, French drains, terracing, and other methods. Our parent company is also a licensed septic installer, which give us the ability to do perk tests on your property, if needed, to determine the exact system you need to correct your water issues. 
repaired water issues and drainage
drainage and pipe repair

The theory of the drainage, in providing these installations, is to slow the flow of the water and then collecting it in a way that it can be managed, underground, to a stream or public drainage system.

Combinations of French drains and catch basins are often used to collect water. Once control of the water is accomplished, it can be conveyed to a safe area for disposal with little or no impact on your property. An additional benefit of the Scritchlow Enterprises methods is the majority of our systems is below ground and is nearly invisible to the casual guest to the area.

At the completion of the project, the Scritchlow Concrete Lifting and Slab Jacking crews always perform a thorough cleanup and restore the property to its original condition. It's like we were never there!

drainage basin work
building retention basin

Not All Drainage Contractors are Equal

You've heard the phrase, "Not all contractors are equal."  While used as an advertising gimmick, when it comes to water issues, it couldn't be truer. Scritchlow Concrete Lifting and Slab Jacking has the knowledge to accurately diagnose your issues, design, and correctly size a system to handle your water issues.  Many companies will tell you one way to fix it, but we will give you a variety of options, allowing you to better choose one that fits your needs and budget.  Over half of our drainage projects are projects where someone else "fixed" it and did not size the system correctly, or just missed the boat entirely.  By contacting us first, you can save the added frustration and expense of having to do it twice.

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