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Things to consider about Concrete Lifting

When your concrete starts to sink or you notice the tell tale signs you have a sub soil issue, you should immediately call Scritchlow Concrete Lifting and Slab Jacking at 877-287-0402.  Before you go through with any repairs, be sure to ask how long the repair will last. This is critical in making an informed decision.  By having this information at your disposal, you can be certain you will be happy with the end result of our service.  We have a FAQ page to help you make the best decision possible.


Age of the House

The first thing Scritchlow Concrete Lifting will want to know is the age of your property and the approximate age of the concrete. This helps us to determine what is causing the sunken concrete and how long our Concrete Lifting should last.  The longer the concrete has taken to settle, the longer the Concrete Lifting will hold up. For example, if your house is showing signs of concrete damage after 25 years, your repair should last for a significant period. In most cases, you can expect your repair to last for many years depending on your soil, water infiltration and other items outside of our control.

Some Exceptions

If your home is over 10 years old and your issues are in the over dig area, there is a high likelihood we will be able to Concrete Lift the affected concrete successfully.  However, if it is relatively new concrete, and you have run into some concrete problems already, there is a chance some external factors are causing issues with your soil. You will have to take care of these external issues, such as a misdirected downspout or critters, before having your concrete repaired. If you don’t take care of these external issues, the same problems will arise again.

Calling a Concrete Lifting Company

Once you start noticing some problems with your concrete, call Scritchlow Concrete Lifting and Slab Jacking immediately. We can repair the concrete on your driveway, patio, porch, or sidewalk, making your property much safer. It will also increase your home's curb appeal, and value, much cheaper than removal and replacement.

When Can Concrete Lifting Be Done?


You wouldn't try to paint your house or put on a new roof during a snowstorm because you would do more damage than good. If you are looking at replacement of your concrete, it is not as simple as you would think! Concrete takes 28 days to cure, and the temperatures should be above freezing during the curing process. If not, it will affect the internal strength of your concrete. This limits your ability to do repair work in central Illinois from October until March.  Yes, that's half of the year you should not be pouring concrete, and this limited season increases your expense. 


This is why Concrete Lifting is a fantastic way to repair your concrete issues.  Concrete Lifting is only limited by frost in the ground, below the slab, at the time of the lift. That simple difference allows us to use Concrete Lifting throughout the year, helping to reduce the costs, and enable emergency repair work, no matter what the weather is doing.



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