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Concrete lifting slab jacking and mud jacking
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concrete drilling for mud jacking and concrete raising
Concrete Lifting

Raising concrete doesn’t have to be difficult to understand. It's a basic system that follows simple concepts.  While called a variety of things, it is the simple process of pumping a mixture below a piece of concrete at pressures in the 500 to 3000 PSI range, lifting the concrete and filling the void below it.

Concrete Lifting works by drilling small holes in the concrete’s surface. We then pump slurry through the holes to fill in the void of earth below the concrete. When the slurry fills in the hole beneath the concrete, the outward pressure of adding additional slurry forces the concrete slab upwards. We fill in each of the holes with shrink-proof grout and it can be driven on shortly thereafter.

The cost of concrete lifting averages a fraction of the cost of replacement. Concrete Lifting is faster, cleaner, and more cost effective than replacement. Concrete Lifting is usually a permanent fix to your concrete problems making it a worth while investment.



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-Our process

  • We pour all of our concrete over a pea gravel base.  This helps to reduce the natural cracking that will occur in our climate.

  • After the concrete has been poured, Scritchlow Landscping & Hydroseeding only uses the industry's best sealers to protect your investment. 

  • During the install process, you can actualy see the difference. The benefits don't come until down the road, as your project still looks as good as the day it was built.

Concrete replacement is rather straight forward on the surface.  It is the details that separate one contractor from another.  We only use 4000 mix concrete with fiber on all of your projects.  This level of concrete insures you get the best possible project results with your concrete replacement work.

Concrete Work
footings for concrete raising and slab jacking
Other Services
Mud jacking concrete raising trucks
After Slab Jacking
Slab Jacking Hole Layout

The sky is the limit.  Scritchlow Concrete Lifting and Slab Jacking can do it all when it comes to your concrete project.  No matter what you are looking for or have envisioned, we can deliver on all of your concrete needs. Our attention to detail is why our customers use us over and over, again.  Scritchlow Concrete Lifting and Slab Jacking offers a two year slab jacking warranty and one year new concrete warranty,  far surpassing any local company.  We install all of our products to exceed engineering standards which allows us to offer industry leading written warranties on all slab jacking and concrete products we sell.  We do it all; front basic side walks and front porches, foundations, driveways, decorative concrete, including stamps, stains, sealing services, and slab jacking.

mud jacking porch sidewalk
Trip Hazzard Before Slab Jacking


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